Dear friends!

We will be very glad to see you during the III International B2B Contact Fair «Brest 2019» that will take place on the 11-12th of April 2019 in Brest, Belarus.

We are always open for cooperation, new ideas and projects.

Occupying an advantageous geographical location at the intersection of significant international highways, Brest region has a high economic and socio-cultural potential.

The frontier status, modern infrastructure, optimal logistics, active development of small and medium-sized businesses and possibilities of visa-free visits to Brest and the adjoining areas, all these factors attribute to Brest region’s attractiveness for business activities.

During its lifetime the Fair has become an effective platform for establishing business contacts, signing mutually beneficial contracts, attracting investments into the Brest region’s economy. The Fair provides a great possibility to get acquainted with the best practices of domestic and foreign manufacturers as well as promising ideas and practical experiences.

The exhibition during the Fair will reflect the variety of products and services. Discussion sessions, seminars and even the Fashion Show and the International Cycling Festival will take place. The novelty of this year is an extensive program involving domestic and foreign financial institutions’ representatives.

I invite all the interested parties to participate in the III International B2B Contact Fair «Brest 2019».

Anatoly Lis,
Chairman of Brest Regional Executive Committee



Brest Regional Executive Committee
The Republic of Belarus

Brest Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Event dates:

11th -12th of April 2019



Track and field arena
Brest regional track and field center of the Olympic reserve
Brest, 151 Moskovskaya Street

The event will serve as a platform for dialogue on issues of current interest in investments, establishment and strengthening of long-term cooperation in production, trade and services between Belarusian and foreign enterprises.
Objectives of the fair

• Presentation of investment opportunities and increasing investment attractiveness of the Brest region
• Development of trade and economic cooperation between foreign and domestic enterprises in real and financial sectors of the economy
• Demonstration of achievements, opportunities and business offers of Belarusian enterprises representing all proprietary forms and fields of activities

The representatives of the Government of the Republic of Belarus and foreign countries, the diplomatic corps, international organizations, representatives of business and business associations, potential investors, financial institutions, foreign chambers of commerce and industry, small and medium-sized businesses will be invited to the fair.
During the congress part of the event it is planned to discuss issues of current interest for companies and specialists of various spheres of the economy.
During the event business meetings and B2B matchmaking sessions will occur.
Evening business cocktail in an informal atmosphere will provide the participants an opportunity for additional communication and acquaintance.

International exhibition «BREST 2019»

The exhibition envisages the presentation of the economic potential of: Brest region and the Republic of Belarus, the countries participating in «Euroregion Bug» cross-border association (Ukraine, Poland), CIS countries, countries representing Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. The exhibition will reflect various sectors of economy and business. Furthermore, the exhibition will feature the most interesting and extraordinary tourist offers for foreign guests and tourists.
The organizers will also present the most attractive regional investment projects and start-ups.

Organizers’ contact information:

Phones / faxes: +375 162 20 80 80, 21 80 36, 21 81 02, 20 92 58