A separate zone will be devoted to businesss negotiations and meetings. It will be a  professionally organized B2B matchmaking area allowing to carry out a significant amount of face-to-face negotiations with selected potential partners or customers in a relatively short period of time.

Each participant will be actively involved in the formation of his own contact network (business networking) by filling in the B2B matchmaking registration form with an indication of business profile and areas of interest.
Indeed, one of the main objectives of the Fair, along with natural goal to demonstrate the development and achievement, is to get or to place the orders, to open new markets and find new partners.

LLC «Trading House Product of Bashkortostan»

We supply:

– multiple-nutrient fertilizers, so called fertilizer mixes ;
– passenger car tires, passenger / truck tires, truck tires, tires for agricultural equipment and loaders;
– pharmaceutical products produced in Bashkortostan;
– sodium bicarbonate and washing powders («Tide», «Ariel» quality);
– glue for furniture plants and shoe factories, leather and textile enterprises, car manufacturers (auto seat upholstering);
– natural and synthetic caoutchouc for caoutchouc base glue and rubber products manufacture;
– charcoal for non-ferrous metallurgy and grill charcoal for commercial / retail use;
– woodworks: sawn materials, plywood, fuel pellets.

We purchase:

– open ground grown vegetables;
– greenhose-grown vegetables;
– fruits;
– fertilizers;
– mixed feeds;
– cereal crops and flour;
– sugar;
– dried milk;
– vegetable oil;
– charcoal for nonferrous-metals industry’s enterprises and grill charcoal for commercial / retail use;
– woodworks: timber, plywood, fuel pellets;
equipment for dairy-, meat- and vegetable- processing enterprises;
– agricultural equipment.

We search for:

technologies and potential coinvestors for vegetable storage construction and vegetable processing complexes in Bashkortostan.


Director General

Vitaly Cherevko

Tel. +79276372222

e-mail: Ranger@td-pb.ru

«August Bel» company

development, production and sale of crop protection agents

We sell:

Sales of crop protection agents produced in the Republic of Belarus


Igor Kobzev

Deputy Head of the Representative Office in the Republic of Belarus

Telephone: +375-29-114-97-23

е-mail: kia.august@me.com

Website: www.avgust.com

Business languages: Russian, English

JV «AGV-Polspo» Ltd.

JV “AGV-Polspo” Ltd.

Production of protective equipment (helmets, hardhats, guards, body armor garment, shields)

Demand: raw materials and materials for own production: drapery fabric, engineered fabrics, polymeric materials, composite materials, polymer binder, plastic for casting under pressure, etc.


Shcherbytsky Dmitry Georgiyevich
production director
Republic of Belarus, Polotsk, Stroitelnaya St., 30/1
Phone +375(29) 5957313
E-mail: dimasty@mail.ru

«LAINER» company

We are a Polish producer of state-of-the-art flooring systems.

LAINER is a company with more than 20 years’ experience and knowledge which provides its customers with innovative solutions in the field of top-quality epoxy floors.

First of all, we are a well-coordinated team of highly qualified professionals, ready to face any challenge. Our long-term experience, specialisation and competence constitute the foundation of our company, and the quality of our flooring systems is recognised and valued by a growing number of both local and foreign customers. We use top professional equipment and technical resources to make sure that our products are reliable, consistent with global technologies, and that they comply with the highest standards.

We have already gained the trust of leading producers, contractors and private investors, and with our innovative and unique systems we rank high among producers of epoxy floors.

Our offer is addressed to the customers who focus on the high quality of products. We do our best to ensure that our products meet your requirements in all aspects, with a minimum impact on the natural environment.

Our epoxy flooring systems can be used in the following spaces:

  • production plants;
  • chemical and pharmaceutical plants;
  • industrial plants, including in heavy industry;
  • food production and processing plants,
  • high-bay warehouses, hangars and halls;
  • underground and outdoor parking areas;
  • public facilities;
  • transport roads and airports;
  • shopping centres.

 Parking Lot Systems

P FLEX® PARK floors protect the pavements of underground and multi-storey car parks, i.e. the spaces continuously exposed to mechanical factors, changing weather conditions and UV radiation. Additionally, the floors must be able to bear static and dynamic loads caused by the vehicles and contact with chemical compounds contained in salt, oils and operating fluids.

The above factors make it necessary for the concrete floor of the parking lot to be specially protected to ensure long-term and safe use of the pavement.

Our product range includes flexible P FLEX® PARK polyurethane systems and a slightly more rigid E VERS® SL epoxy system.

The group of P FLEX® PARK systems covers three polyurethane floors of different intended use:

  • P FLEX® PARK 100– indoor pavements not exposed to UV radiation;
  • P FLEX® PARK 200– outdoor pavements exposed to UV radiation which require tightness;
  • P FLEX® PARK 300– inclined planes and ramps.

P FLEX® PARK floors show very high resistance to abrasion and they can bear heavy mechanical and chemical loads. What is more, they are non-slip, easy to clean and add to the aesthetic appeal of a parking lot. P FLEX® PARK 200 system has a high-flexibility P FLEX® PARK ELASTIC membrane able to bridge scratches which may appear in the concrete substrate.

Are you about to renovate, build or design a new structure and do not know which P FLEX® PARK system suits your application? Contact us. Our technical service will help you select the best solution tailored to your needs.

Industrial systems

E VERS® epoxy floors are very durable floor systems intended to protect concrete pavements exposed to heavy traffic at industrial plants and warehouses.

E VERS® floor is a unique product which shows high resistance to mechanical loads, resistance to abrasion and long-term colour stability. Additionally, E VERS® SL features high gloss.

Intense traffic of fork lift trucks and pallet trucks, chemicals and cleaning with pressure washers cause wear of unprotected concrete surfaces. Therefore, durable surface protection is highly recommended. E VERS® industrial floors provide a solution as the floors can be applied in a number of industries and construction areas.

E VERS® industrial floors are available with smooth or non-slip surface. They are easy to clean and available in numerous colours and finish types.

If you do not know which E VERS® system will suit you best, contact us and our technical service will assist you in selecting the best solution tailored to your needs.

Food Industry Systems

Floors for food, chemical and pharmaceutical plants include mainly PC HARD® polyurethane and cement-based floors, but also E VERS® epoxy floors.

That Lainer floor system is designed for protecting surfaces at food manufacturing and processing plants, chemical and pharmaceutical plants, i.e. the areas of extreme operating conditions with water temperature reaching 120 °C.

Our chemists have developed a unique composition of resin systems since we know importance of the floors at any production plant and we are aware that it is essential for them to be safe, durable and reliable. Our seamless PC HARD® and E VERS® floors systems meet all, even the most stringent durability, usability and aesthetic requirements.

Floors of PC HARD® line boast very high mechanical and chemical resistance and, which is of utmost importance, can be applied on concrete already 8 days after it is set. This significantly shortens the unavailability time for rooms requiring renovation where new floor screed is to be made.

The unique composition of PC HARD® polyurethane and cement-based floors prevent the development of bacterial flora on the surface. PC HARD® are resistant to the traffic of fork lift and pallet trucks, aggressive chemicals and cleaning with the use of pressure washers.

PC HARD® floors can be widely used at production and processing plants of meat, poultry, fish, baking, confection, diary, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Are you about to renovate, build or design a new structure and do not know which system suits your application? Contact us. Our technical service will help you select the best solution tailored to your needs.

Regular use and decorative systems

Our portfolio includes P FLEX® COMFORT polyurethane flooring and E VERS® epoxy decorative flooring which are widely used at e.g. hospitals, schools, offices, health care facilities, laboratories or airports. The floors are easy to wash, aesthetic and available in a wide range of colours. Where necessary, they can provide efficient non-slip layer or matte finish.

Are you about to renovate, build or design a new structure and do not know which P FLEX® PARK system suits your application? Contact us. Our technical service will help you select the best solution tailored to your needs.


Procurement Department:

Leszek Borzym

+48 533 634 000

Limited liability Company Stas international


Limited liability Company Stas international (REPUBLIC OF BELARUS) invites you to long-term cooperation and offers on mutually advantageous conditions natural mineral water, without artificial mineralization volume: 1.5L, 1.0 L, 0.5 L., 5.0 L in PET bottles.

Gorky it is city who’s located in the Mogilev area – the environmentally pristine district, is famous for extraordinary tasty water. Water is produced from wells (No. 1/2001). Depth of well penetration is 544 meters. The production has modern high-tech equipment which meets the European standards. This equipment helps to ensure the release of water without the influence of external factors that can influence the change of the initial, natural properties of water. Modern high-tech equipment helps to ensure the preservation of all natural, healthful and taste of water. The main chemical component of our water is sulphate-chloride, calcium-sodium, with a salinity of 1.3 – 3.5 g/dm3. Mineral water is medicinal in accordance with STB 880-95 and balneological conclusion. On doctor’s orders with a number of diseases water may be available as in the form of a drink to chronic gastritis, chronic colitis, chronic liver diseases and billiard tract, kidney stones, disease of metabolism, etc. Our water is unique among mineral waters to taste, produced in the Republic of Belarus. The mineral water “Goretskaya”, “GORKI” is distinguished by its special taste: soft and unique. Water is certified in the territory of Republic of Belarus, the Russian Federation, European Union. Today our products are well-known to many people in different cities and countries around the world (Russia, USA, Lithuania, Latvia). For several years we have endeavored to justify the honorary title of national producers. The main criterion of our company policy is quality, novelty and relevance. “Goretskaya” is the winner of prestigious competitions tastings. Our company same produces sweet soft drinks and still drinking water with a volume of 5L.

Name of products



Vacation price without Tax, EUR

Sparkling mineral water «Goretskaya»



Sparkling mineral water «Goretskaya»



Sparkling mineral water «Goretskaya»



Sparkling mineral water «Goretskaya»



Mineral water non-carbonated «Goretskaya»



Mineral water non-carbonated «Goretskaya»



Mineral water non-carbonated «Goretskaya»



Mineral water non-carbonated «Goretskaya»



Sparking mineral water iodine selenium containing «Goretskaya»



Sparking mineral water iodine selenium containing «Goretskaya»



Sparking mineral water iodine selenium containing «Goretskaya»



Sparking mineral water iodine selenium containing «Goretskaya»



Sparkling flavored drink lemonade «Gorki» : lemon, orange, duchess (pear), garnet, mandarin (tangerine), сherry, mango, paneapple, tarragon, lemon-lime, Kvass



LLC Stas international – your reliable partner!!!!

Тel: +375447035197, +375223370022, +375223353398

Email: stas.int@inbox.ru

F.H.Motosport company

Republic of Poland, Wandy Madler St., 8, 21-500 Biała Podlaska

Site: www.rowerysklep.com.pl


Retail and wholesale trade by goods from producers:

Arkus&Romet, Kellys, Cossack, Romet Motors, Thule.

Sphere of interests:

Distribution of different types of bicycles, motor-goods, and also accessories and additional parts from producers


Yakonyuk Ezhi Zigmuntovich


Ph. +48 609 410 222

E-mail: rowerysklep@poczta.onet.pl

Предложение к сотрудничеству:

search of business partners, adjustment of new commercial relations

Язык делового общения:

russian, polish