Partner investor invited to a project of hardwood lamella (sawn veneer) production for export.

The main advantages of the project are strong and increasing world market’s demand for the production and its higher returns. To produce lamella from wood species of oak, ash etc., it is intended to use advanced technologies that would not need modernization for a long time, would ensure an efficient recycling of valuable raw materials and a product of competitive quality. So far, we have preliminary agreements to supply lamella in Austria and Germany that exceed the project’s production capacity within a two-shift equipment operation. With the demand taken into account, there is an opportunity to increase production in the long term. Development options of the enterprise for production output and export using lamella, but with a higher added value have been worked out. Those are two-layer floorings, wall panels and edge-glued panels. There is another option to develop production that has no analogues in the republic and is to be discussed at the meeting with the investor. There are workshops for production in the (private) ownership (see picture) with an area of 8258 m2 and a land plot. The production facilities available are as well enough for a long-term enterprise development along the lines suggested. The workshops are located in the Republic of Belarus, Gomel region, Lelchitsy city. The workshops location area has an abundant logging base and is supplied with labor force. A detailed business plan of the project has been developed, and we have an experienced team to implement it. We offer the investor a share of 50% in the project. To implement the project, an amount of 800 000 $ to purchase equipment is necessary. There is also a preliminary agreement with an Austrian enterprise to equipment supply with its installation and staff training.

Koryagin Aleksey Viktorovich
Semenyak Vasily Borisovich