Free Economic Zone «Brest»
Investment projects

Should you have further queries regarding specific investment projects, please, contact the Bureau of Investment Activities of the Department of External Relations and Investment Activities of Brest Regional Executive Committee by phone (375 162) 20-97-07, or via e-mail: oinvest@brest-region.by


Brest region is an ideal
investment harbour 
(environment, preferential terms, opportunities)

Brest region occupies 32.7 thousand square kilometers and has а population of 1.5 million people.

Brest region offers

Developed infrastructure
International highway
About 300 000 vehicles monthly passes via M1/E30 highway Berlin-Warsaw-Brest-Minsk.
Railway junction
Brest railway junction is one of the main junctions in Central Europe which provides full transit from the CIS countries to Western Europe
Brest airport has an «international airport» status and is capable of receiving all types of aircraft.
Special preferential terms

1) By registration in FEZ Brest:

- land plots are allocated to the FEZ residents without holding an auction;

- land plots of the resident enterprises located within the FEZ territory are exempt from land tax the FEZ residents are exempt from property tax. ;

- land plots of the resident enterprises located within the FEZ territory are exempt from lease payments. The FEZ residents are exempt from income tax if the products of the resident enterprises are exported or sold by other FEZ residents;

- within the “Brest” FEZ territory, every resident is provided with a territory of Free Customs Zone (FCZ) by agreement with Brest Customs;

- when products are imported in the FCZ territory, import customs duties and taxes are not collected;

- when products are exported from the FCZ territory, customs duties and taxes are not collected if such products are exported outside the territory of the Eurasian Customs Union.


2) When locating the new enterprise in small and medium-sized cities, within 7 years from the date of state registration the enterprise is exempt from: income tax, real estate tax, state fee for issuing licenses, mandatory sale of foreign currency, from payment for the right to sign the lease agreement. When alienating the real estate the payment for it may be allowed in a form of installments for a period not exceeding 5 years);


3) The implementation of investment projects within the framework of investment agreements: provision of land for the implementation of the investment project without an auction and without charging a fee for the right to conclude the lease contract (currently, there are 130 plots of land with total area of almost 400 hectares which were formed for various purposes to provide for investors having investment agreements), exemption from customs duties and VAT when importing the processing equipment into the territory of the Republic of Belarus, exemption from income tax and VAT on granted real estate, unfinished construction, other fixed assets granted for the realization of the investment project.

An opportunity to purchase state immovable property and privatize it
acquisition of property (purchase at an auction, getting of property as a a grant for realization of an investment project
rented for own use (or granted for use against the obligation to create new jobs)
Among the features of the auctions:
the possibility of initial price reduction by up to 80%
sale at a price equal one base value (In Belarus «base value» is an economic indicator that determines the abstract value of the purchasing power of money. 1 base value equals 25.5 Belarusian roubles or, approximately, 10.5 Euro as of 18 February 2019)
the possibility of real estate purchase with deferred payment for up to 5 years