Media release

The V International B2B Contact Fair «BREST 2020» (hereinafter – the Fair) is a modern business platform for dialogue between the representatives of various businesses, government agencies, public organizations and the media. The Fair is a negotiation tool for manufacturing companies, suppliers and retail chains, investors and fund seekers.

This year a special focus will be on investment projects in the manufacturing sector, development of infrastructure and tourism, including the projects implemented on the basis of state and private partnership. The Fair aims at strengthening inter-regional business cooperation, creation of favorable settings for entering into new mutually beneficial contracts and finding new export markets.

The event is coorganized by

Brest Regional Executive Committee and

Brest Branch of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


Brest Regional School of the Olympic Reserve (Track and field arena)

151 Moskovskaya Str., Brest, Belarus

Event dates:

The 29th and the 30th of October 2020

One of the most important elements of the Fair - the exhibition combines the following thematic sections:

  • mechanical engineering, appliance manufacturing, metallurgy;
  • energy and alternative energy;
  • agriculture, food processing, chemical and light industry, woodworking and furniture manufacturing;
  • construction;
  • construction materials and equipment;
  • transportation services and logistics;
  • information technology and telecommunications;
  • consulting, banking and insurance;
  • advertising, printing and publishing, design, tourism and agritourism.

Foreign companies representing various economic sectors are warmly welcomed to participate in the Fair. As an exhibitor or a visitor of the Fair a foreign entity will be enabled to enter the Belarusian market, analyze the competitive environment in the region, get an impression about the investment and business climate in Belarus, find a comprehensive solution to a wide range of marketing objectives.

Potential foreign partners will have an opportunity to visit their Belarusian counterparts, conduct business meetings and negotiations in a dedicated B2B zone at the event’s site.

In 2020 the Fair is expected to gather the representatives of different countries and unite more than 250 different companies and organizations.

  1. program of the event will feature the summary of the Innovation Week as well as the ceremony of Belarus Government Quality Excellence Awards.

On the 30th October 2020 an unprecedented International Tourism Forum «BrestTourInvest» (hereinafter – BTI forum) will occur within the framework of the V International B2B Contact Fair «BREST 2020».

The platform of the BTI forum will gather international tourism experts in Brest, Belarus. The forum will engage the foremost players and investors of the tourism industry: the state, the business, professional travelers – all those who create trends and shape the industry’s future. The event will provide an opportunity to present international cooperation projects, investment proposals, new products aimed at regional tourism development, products offered by tour operators in the beginning of the tourist season. Business meetings and negotiations in a B2B format will be organized professionally.

The program of the forum features the followig main sections:

- plenary session;

- panel discussions and presentations;

- training seminars and workshops;

- tourism media, special guests and bloggers.

In order to register and get a more detailed information about the BTI forum, please, visit the link: https://brest-forum.by/ (the second day of the official program).